Ottawa Wedding Photographer – Christian Lee

Christian is an international award-winning Wedding photographer based in Ottawa, Canada.  Christian is a lover of people, and a storyteller.  On any given wedding day, around 90% of his time is spent discreetly capturing real moments, and the other 10% is spent creating unique environmental portraits.  Christian’s goal is to make photos that are stylish and contemporary, but at the same time timeless; like a high-end watch.  Christian works hard create a series of images that tell the story of your day in a cinematic type of experience…like watching a film unfold in a series of powerful still images.

Recent Work

Summer Wedding at Le Belvedere : Natasha + Cameron

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Sue-Ann Staff Wedding : Taryn + Eli

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Evermore Wedding : Ashley + Ben

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Wedding at Royalton Riviera Cancun : Tabitha + Chris

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Evermore Wedding : Allison + Adamo

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Hotel Quintessence Wedding at Mont Tremblant : Isabelle + Ali

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Stonefields Wedding : Krysta + Brendan

What started as a grey, drizzly day, finished nothing short of perfect.  Krysta + Brendan’s StonefieldsView full post »

Intimate Wedding at Moulin Wakefield Mill : Sarah + Daniel

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Brookstreet Hotel Wedding : Alicia + Ryan

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Wedding at Hacienda Uayamon – Campeche, Mexico : Sandi + Alex

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Ottawa City Hall Wedding: Sophia + Florian

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Late November Engagement : Amanda + Steven

Although Amanda & Steven’s wedding at Le Vignoble in Chelsea isn’t until late August next year, theyView full post »

Cornwall Wedding : Jen + Kosta

I had the pleasure to photograph Jennifer & Konstantin’s Cornwall wedding in early October, and it was quiteView full post »

Le Belvedere Wedding : Michelle + Alex

Michelle + Alex’s Le Belvedere wedding in Wakefield, Quebec was like something out of a storybook.  The weatherView full post »

Bloom Field Gardens Wedding in Newcastle : Megan + Cameron

OK.  I’m not a shy person.  I have even been described as enthusiastic once or twice.  But I have NOTHING onView full post »

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Stylish · Genuine · Unique · Timeless

These are the four qualities that define my approach to wedding photography:

Stylish: The latest trends come and go.  I aim to create photos that are stylish & contemporary, and reflect your individual style.  Just as no two people are alike, no two weddings are alike.  I focus to highlight the uniqueness of your day, whether you’re planning a country garden wedding or a glitz-filled affair at a high-end luxury hotel, your photos should suit your style.

Genuine: Authenticity is the soul of every photo, particularly in wedding photography.  Wedding photography is a collaborative process.  Great wedding photos are the bi-product of a great relationship, and great energy between a photographer and client.  When you look at your photos, should be reminded of a fun/happy time, not standing awkwardly while someone had a camera pointed at you.  The process should be enjoyable, and even fun.  If you’re not having a good time, there is a good chance that you won’t like the photos, regardless of the quality.  To me, capturing great, genuine expressions is far more important than making “art” with lovely, picturesque backdrops.  Beautiful locations are great, but they’re nothing without real emotion.

Unique: I try to never take the same photo twice.  I love being a wedding photographer because I love the challenge of creating.  One of my friends once described the job of a wedding photographer as a “Swiss Army Knife”, because you have to be able to make do, regardless of the situation.  As a wedding photographer in Ottawa, this sometimes means cold, rain, snow and other surprises.   I pride myself on being able to make nice photos regardless of the location, conditions, or within very tight timelines.  Whether it’s in a gorgeous country winery or in a downtown back-alley, there are nice photos to be made, you just have to learn to see and adapt.  Some of my favourite wedding photos have come from conditions and situations that could have never been planed.

Timeless:  As much as as I strive to create contemporary & stylish wedding photography, I’m also very aware that these are photos that my clients will cherish for decades and even generations.  I try to stay away from the short-term trends and I try to have a light-touch when it comes to how I process photos.  I avoid heavy Photoshop effects in favour of a more natural look.  Your wedding photos should be as stylish 20 years from now as they are today.

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