Blessed Sacrament Wedding : Agnes + Tom

I guess sometimes things are just meant to be…  Agnes & Tom have known each other and were good friends back in elementary school East of Toronto, but lost touch when they moved apart as youngsters.  Fate would bring them together again when they both ended up working in Ottawa and, well, the rest is history (and the future).

Weather aside, their wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect.  Their wedding ceremony at Blessed Sacrament in Ottawa’s Glebe area was beautiful, as was their gorgeous reception at the Holiday Inn Select, Kanata.  Friends and family danced well into the early hours of the morning to celebrate with the newly married couple.  Between the ceremony and reception, we did wedding photos inside the gorgeous Museum of Nature, which gave us some Jurassic-themed photos, and we also briefly took advantage of a stop in the rain to get a few outdoors, near Dow’s Lake Pavilion.

I was fortunate enough to have Ryan Chan, a close friend & one of Toronto’s best Wedding Photographers, along with me for the entire day.  He made some gorgeous images, and I’ve included some below (his are identified).  Here are some highlights of this great wedding day for two great people.  Congrats, Aggy & Tom!

blessed sacrament agnes tom-0001blessed sacrament agnes tom-0002blessed sacrament agnes tom-0003blessed sacrament agnes tom-0004

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Photo by Ryan

Photo by Ryan

blessed sacrament agnes tom-0013

Photo by Ryan

Photo by Ryan

blessed sacrament agnes tom-0015blessed sacrament agnes tom-0016blessed sacrament agnes tom-0017

Photo by Ryan

Photo by Ryan

blessed sacrament agnes tom-0018

blessed sacrament agnes tom-0001-2blessed sacrament agnes tom-0021blessed sacrament agnes tom-0022blessed sacrament agnes tom-0023

Photo by Ryan

Photo by Ryan

blessed sacrament agnes tom-0025blessed sacrament agnes tom-0026blessed sacrament agnes tom-0027blessed sacrament agnes tom-0028

Photo by Ryan

Photo by Ryan

Photo by Ryan

Photo by Ryan

blessed sacrament agnes tom-0031blessed sacrament agnes tom-0032blessed sacrament agnes tom-0033blessed sacrament agnes tom-0034Photo by Ryan

Photo by Ryan

blessed sacrament agnes tom-0037blessed sacrament agnes tom-0040blessed sacrament agnes tom-0041

blessed sacrament agnes tom-0038

  • ryan - thanks for the kind words, Christian. I’m always grateful to shoot with you.

    I think we killed this wedding 🙂ReplyCancel

    • aggy - Ryan, you were amazing. I am so glad we brought you over to Ottawa for our wedding day!ReplyCancel

  • Tobiah Tayo - Wonderful work! That b&w shot in the limo is amazing as is the shot on the stairs with the whale in the background. Having everyone looking up just perfects that shot!!ReplyCancel

  • John Bello - Top notch as always Christian! I love the portrait under the massive whale. EPIC!ReplyCancel

  • Albert Palmer - Great couple photos – seriously impressive work ChtistianReplyCancel

  • Maria - Hi Christian (and Ryan)!

    I have admired your work for so long, and was so excited to finally meet you at my sister’s wedding!

    Meeting you in person was absolutely amazing. I was so moved by your passion, creativity, and extremely professional you were. I love how you worked so quickly to take those challenging photos at the lake, during the very short break in rain. You worked so well together, and I was so impressed by the unexpected, different angles you captured. You were both friendly and fun to chat with, really likeable and modest!

    It was a great honor to meet you! I will recommend you to everyone! Thank you for everything you do! Best wishes to you and your family and lovely Kate!


  • Joseph Yarrow - brilliant photos very interesting and very good venueReplyCancel

  • naomi - love the silhouetted shoes in the air! awesome work, christian – and ryan!ReplyCancel

  • aggy - Dear Christian and Ryan,

    You two are amazing. I am soooo in love with these photos. I have a million comments to write but I am at work right now so I wil write you a mega long essay later. I am so thankful to the both of you for capturing these moments of the most beautiful day of my life. Everyone had so much fun and I hope you two did too.



    • Maria - I agree, Aggy! Thank you for saying what’s on my mind. I also have the urge to write a mega long essay of appreciation, after witnessing Christian and Ryan in action!ReplyCancel

  • Peter Kalogeropoulos - You two killed it! What a lucky couple.ReplyCancel

  • Fete Photography - That portrait of them and the tree is insanely amazing. Beautiful bride, beautiful photos.ReplyCancel

  • dan - I love the shot under the whale so much. Killer work!ReplyCancel

  • bryan - 14 and 16 are CRAZY good!ReplyCancel

  • The priest - I attended Aggy and Tom’s wedding, though not in the official capacity implied by my title! (It’s just a nickname I’ve inherited – long story!)

    The picture with the bride reading a card with her sister observing is filled with emotions; to have the focus/out-of-focus work this way is great.

    As others have apparaised the one with the whale is awesome with the bride and groom in the light and the rest of the bridal party there in the shadows.

    But my favorite of all is the picture of the bride brushing a tear away with her finger. From the reflections that fill the picture it either looks like the camera is crying too or that emotions filled so much the room that even a camera could pick it. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Finally, Aggy -the bride – was one amazing subject with beautiful and rich expressions.

    Congrats to you all!ReplyCancel

  • Soobum Im - Great lighting great composition. Love themReplyCancel

  • Tom - Beautiful photos all around. Hard to pick one favourite. You have a talent for capturing expressions at their peak. Superb work!ReplyCancel

  • benj haisch - dang. those portraits are so money.ReplyCancel

  • Hélène - Superbes photos, mes préférées sont en noir et blanc. Agnès tu étais MAGNIFIQUE !!ReplyCancel

    • Arielle Lamarche - Wow ! Les photos sont super belles ! Ma préférée est celle avec la baleine au-dessus de votre tête.ReplyCancel

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