Britannia Engagement : Krysta + Brendan

This makes me feel REALLY old, but I’ve been friend’s with Krysta’s Dad for many years now.  Although Krysta doesn’t remember very clearly, I met her many years ago, the day that the first generation of iPhone launched.  Paul (Krysta’s Dad) had woken-up and dragged the poor teen across the city to wait in line before sunrise.  While I don’t claim to know much about teenaged girls, I do know that most dislike waking-up at 5am to wait in line for hours with their Dad.  Needless to say, Krysta was not in the best mood that day.

The great news, is that Krysta and Brendan were both in great moods for their Britannia engagement shoot, despite some less than ideal weather.  We actually only had about 30 minutes to shoot before the skies opened-up with pouring rain, but I think we got some pretty nice photos in such a limited time.  Here are some of my faves:

Engagement photo at end of rocky pier at Britannia BeachColour engagement picture on rocky pier at Britannia parkD4S_9223-Sequence # (0001)D4S_9238-Sequence # (0001)D4S_9263-Sequence # (0001)D4S_9291-Sequence # (0001)D4S_9315-Sequence # (0001)D4S_9324-Sequence # (0001)D4S_9342-Sequence # (0001)D4S_9388-Sequence # (0001)Louis-Seize-0001-2Trolley Station photo at Britannia Engagement

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