Courtyard Restaurant Wedding : Rachel + Alex

Rachel and Alex’s Courtyard Restaurant Wedding day was an incredible day of contrasts.  Gorgeous sun, downpouring rain…moments of sweetness and love, crazy dance party…cold New York Fries, incredible gourmet cuisine.

Their wedding truly had a little bit of everything, and everything was fantastic.  Rachel is incredibly creative and talented, and her effort and creativity was spread throughout the wedding, from homemade desserts (yes, she made desserts for her own wedding even though The Courtyard Restaurant had incredible ones already), to origami art, to a fingerprinted guest “book”.  Everything had Rachel + Alex’s personal touches (I’m not actually sure if any of them were Alex’s, but giving him the benefit of the doubt because he’s a great guy), and it was truly personal and special.

Here are some of my favourite photos of the day.  Congratulations, Rachel & Alex, thanks for having me along, it was a blast!

courtyard wedding-0001

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courtyard wedding-0001-3courtyard wedding-0032courtyard wedding-0033

courtyard wedding-0031courtyard wedding-0001-2courtyard wedding-0034courtyard wedding-0035courtyard wedding-0036courtyard wedding-0037courtyard wedding-0038courtyard wedding-0039courtyard wedding-0040courtyard wedding-0041courtyard wedding-0042courtyard wedding-0043courtyard wedding-0044courtyard wedding-0045courtyard wedding-0046courtyard wedding-0047courtyard wedding-0048courtyard wedding-0049

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