Duelling Chefs 7 – e18hteen

Norm Aitken prepping for Dueling Chefs

One of my favorites from any Dueling Chefs night over the past 2 years. I love the cool tones in the background and the repeating lights.

This post is WAY late – I’ve been unbelievably busy and distracted with other projects.  This will be a quick one – just to share highlights.  As usual, for the full blog post, I highly recommend visiting Ron Eade’s Omnivore’s post.  Long story short – the secret ingredients were lobster, duck thigh and fresh pasta.  Juniper took the victory, though it was seriously some of the best food to date.  The people’s choice was tied, and one of the judges was undecided, however the other two judges favoured Juniper’s creations.  Awesome night.

Food Highlights:

Juniper's "amuse bouche". Celery root "pasta", bacon ring and pea pesto


Juniper's lobster ravioli wrapped in wild garlic, lobster roe pasta with a sous vide lobster tail

e18gheen's lobster tagliatelle and fiddleheads

e18ghteen's egg yolk raviolo, braised duck, asparagus and shitakes

Juniper's smoked asian duck thigh sausage, confit duck soba pasta salad.

Junper's dessert: Graham cracker cannoli, candied ginger cheese cake, rhubarb compote and rhubarb soda. Now that's a pasta dish!

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