Engaged: Charles & Jen

Charles & Jenn at Riverside Park

I met Charles in early 2009, when I was on my way to Holguin, Cuba to photograph Charles’ cousin’s gorgeous wedding on the beach.  I was really excited to hear that he met a great girl named Jenn and that they were engaged – and even more thrilled when they asked me to photograph their wedding in August of this year.

We started out at the Booster Juice kiosk at Billings Bridge Plaza in Ottawa, where Charles and Jen had their first date.  It’s always fun shooting in open public spaces, trying not to be conspicuous to the many bored security guards.  We stayed just long enough to get a few frames, and then headed across the street to the park along the Rideau River, where we spent the better part of an hour getting some really nice shots.  I can’t wait for their late summer wedding!

Charles and Jenn where they met at Booster Juice at Billings Bridge

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