Engaged: Lucas & Tina

You have to love it when things just work out. When Lucas told me that he was planning to propose while he and Tina were vacationing in the Mayan Riviera, my first reaction was obviously extreme excitement for them, and my 2nd instinct was to see if I could somehow catch them in transit to do some engagement shots, since I was heading there the day they were heading back.

We had only a 4hr window between my flight arriving and his departing, so we agreed to meet at the airport “Welcome Bar” at Cancun’s Terminal 2 arrivals. I knew we wouldn’t have much light, but hopefully we would be able to do a “mini-session” before doing a proper one back home this spring.

We hit some minor snags in execution, but we still ended up having 30-40 minutes to hang out and have a Corona, which was really awesome. We only had about 2mins to grab a quick shot before we had to run in separate directions, but I think we got a nice shot of them (check the bling!) outside the bar.

Congratulations, guys. I’m super excited for the two of you and can’t wait for the wedding!

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