Gatineau Park Engagement : Sarah + Daniel

Wow.  Well, there wasn’t a whole lot for me not to love about this engagement session…except maybe the weather.   I really love it when clients pick spots for their engagement photos that are meaningful, and that’s exactly what Sarah & Dan did.  One of their first dates was a hike along a trail in beautiful Gatineau Park, so we started there, and also made a stop on Green Island (near the John G. Diefenbaker Building), which is where Dan proposed to Sarah.

Because their wedding is in May, and the fact that they were picking Gatineau Park as one of the locations, we agreed that aiming for mid-October, when the leaves are at their most vibrant, would be ideal for their engagement shoot.  What we didn’t plan for was the temperature to dive-bomb right when we had the session scheduled (just a couple of degrees above freezing, in fact).  Thankfully Sarah + Dan are pretty comfortable with getting close to stay warm.  That also made for pretty intimate photos.  They were both unbelievably natural in front of the camera, and I think the photos are pretty great.  I wasn’t worried about Gatineau Engagement photos being nice, but everything worked out so well, that these really blew me away.

Gatineau Park Engagement-0002

Gatineau Park Engagement-0001Gatineau Park Engagement-0003Gatineau Park Engagement-0004Gatineau Park Engagement-0005Gatineau Park Engagement-0006Gatineau Park Engagement-0007Gatineau Park Engagement-0008Gatineau Park Engagement-0009Gatineau Park Engagement-0010Gatineau Park Engagement-0011Gatineau Park Engagement-0012Gatineau Park Engagement-0013Gatineau Park Engagement-0014Gatineau Park Engagement-0015Gatineau Park Engagement-0016Gatineau Park Engagement-0017

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