I had the great privilege of documenting Karen & Shawna’s gorgeous wedding day – photographing the events of the day from the 9am hair appointment until the last dance at 1:30am. What an absolute blast! Everything was laid-back and well organized (Genevieve and Guy at Bean Town Ranch are super-human planners), and everyone had a great time. Karen and Shawna have an amazing group of friends who helped with everything from slideshows to the gorgeous homemade wedding cake.
The picture above is one of my favorites (and the 2nd last) of the handful of ‘formal’ shots we got. It was nearly freezing, so I couldn’t keep the ladies outside too long – I think they were nearly hypothermic by the end. I actually had to clone out a few tears from Shawna’s cheek – her eyes were watering from the cold wind.
As you can see from the shot above, the party was no fun at all…we’ll all pretend that the air microphone didn’t come out on the wedding day, Karen….haha.
The image below was the 2nd last shot I took of the day. I had 2 shots left on my last memory card and I thought I’d try something different. Most of the guests had left at this point, and the DJ called “last song” – which brought Karen & Shawna to the dance floor for the last time. I had taken down my lights and thought a silhouette would be cool with the candlelight in the background. I love it!

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  1. Melanie Lee Lockhart reply

    That last one made me well up. Beautiful shot!

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