Married : Tiffany & Jimmy at the Manor

I was really fortunate to be able to shoot my 1st wedding of 2013 as a “2nd shooter”, alongside my friend & fellow wedding photographer, Ryan Chan of Toronto.  Working as a secondary photographer at a wedding where you know the primary well, and know they’re easily able to capture just about everything required, is really liberating.  Ryan is a pro – I knew that the clients were well taken care of,  and I could focus solely on trying to make great candids.

I had a blast working with Ryan (as usual), and I decided to share the day from my eyes, solely in black & white images, and candids (since Ryan did a stellar job with the portrats and I worked mainly as the monkey holding his lights).  Enjoy!

Amazing wedding moment: Jimmy’s father surprised the newlyweds and their guests with a solo Opera performance of ‘Por ti Volare’…their reaction, captured in photos, says it all.  It was absolutely phenomenal (though I had to restrain from thinking about Will Farrell’s version in the movie Step Brothers).


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