Mont Tremblant | Jardin Ceres | Pont Couvert Wedding : Dominique + Scott

Warning:  This is the longest blog post I’ve done.  To say that Dominique and Scott’s Mont Tremblant wedding day was magnificent and perfect would be an understatement.  When I first met with Do and Scott last winter to discuss their wedding plans, I was really excited about the prospect of a “1st look” on top of a mountain overlooking Lac Tremblant, followed by a beautiful ceremony and reception at a converted Covered Bridge.  When they contacted me in the summer and mentioned that Dominique was going to be arriving for the reveal by helicopter….my mind was blown.

A “normal” wedding day for me is usually 14-15hrs long, which is tiring enough, but add a 2.5hr drive to start the day with a hike to the top of a mountain for the “reveal”, and I was a bit concerned about making it to the end of the night.  My only comfort was taken in the fact that both Dominique and Scott are Doctors, as are the majority of their wedding party…I’m sure I would have been in very good hands had I collapsed from exhaustion.  The truth is, I don’t think I felt a thing…until the next morning.

The weather on their wedding day in the Mont Tremblant area of Quebec could not have been more gorgeous.  Clear blue skies, a nice breeze, and beautiful warm, autumn temperatures.  Add some incredible friends & warm, loving family, a groom serenading his bride during the ceremony, and kicking-off the night’s dancing by joining the awesome Toronto-based band (Running Red Lights) with a performance of Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”, and it was just icing on top of more icing.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have witnessed and been part of such an amazing day, with such amazing people.  These are the photos that I hope do reasonable justice in telling the story of their day.

Hike up the mountain for reveal

Groom and groommen arriving at top of Montagne VerteView of Lake from Montagne Vertedistance markers on top of mountain

tying tie on top of mountain

tremblant wedding pont couvert-0009

looking with binoculars to see helicopter

child spots the bride

guests witness the bride arriving by helicopter

helicopter passes overhead with groom

bride arriving by helicopter

mountain helicopter reveal wedding

children with wind blown by helicopter

bride comes out of helicopter

first look helicopter hug

veil covering bride

bridepouring of apple sparkling wine

mountain top champagne toast

groom tie reflection in mirror

groom having boutonniere put on

father of the groom boutonnier

above view jardin ceres wedding area

violinist jardin ceres

view from above during marriage ceremony

exchange of vows

groom playing guitar during wedding ceremony

mother of bride emotional reaction

groom serenading bride

groom having hard time putting ring on

recessional photo at jardin ceres weding

groomsmen opening bubbly

groomsmen pouring champagneyoung kids with champagne

bride and groom lac tremblant

wedding portrait in front of pines

kissing photo jardin ceres

backlit portrait jardin ceres Tremblant

wedding portrait mountain top mont tremblant

bride and groom separate portrait

kiss shot overlooking Laurentians

pont couvert tremblant dusk

pont couvert table setting

hot apple cider stand at pont couvert

wedding candy table

dominique and scott

first dance hands behind back

tremblant wedding pont couvert-0058

Groom playing with running red lights band

groom singing marry you, bride in foreground

tremblant wedding pont couvert-0061

young girl on dance floor

tremblant wedding pont couvert-0063

rice crispie wedding cake smash

tremblant wedding pont couvert-0065

tremblant wedding pont couvert-0064

running red lights lead singer

tremblant wedding pont couvert-0069

dominique and scott singing

Fire in front of converted covered bridge

  • rich - a helicopter entrance?! are you kidding me??

    helicopter aside – i absolutely love how you captured the way this wedding felt. great story told through your photos!ReplyCancel

  • Rachael - Absolutely stunning photos and what an amazing wedding!ReplyCancel

  • danielle and mario - fantastic shots!
    thank you for capturing such a great day with such great pictures!ReplyCancel

  • ed peers - What a superb day and captured so well. Awesome.ReplyCancel

  • Elissa - So beautiful! This is such lovely storytelling and can I just say that I *love* that the bride wore a shorter-length skirt?! Just amazing. Love this wedding.ReplyCancel

  • Linda - Great storytelling, monsieur! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay Taryn - Christian, you just shot THE wedding – the one that every photographer dreams of! And you definitely did it justice 🙂 Especially loving the shots you captured of the helicopter reveal!ReplyCancel

  • Jon - Great coverage, hot location!ReplyCancel

  • ALMA // - Love the spot and you did great on the coverage!!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Sylvia - Wow. What a dream of a day, and you’ve captured it perfectly, they must be thrilled 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Shipra Panosian - WOW! Wow! & Wow! Can this even be any more amazing?!?ReplyCancel

  • ayesha - fantastic storytelling, seriously! takes us right into this amazing, gorgeous day! really beautiful images, and i really appreciated what you wrote at the top, too – knowing what this means to you as a photographer as well.ReplyCancel

  • naomi - love all the dancefloor work.ReplyCancel

  • Anton Chia - Wonderful wedding in a wonderful location and wonderful photography!ReplyCancel

  • David - So good dude and I’m completely jealous over the helicopter enterance!ReplyCancel

  • Ariana Watts - Okay wow, those reception shots are killer. You do such beautiful work!ReplyCancel

  • Johnboy Wilson - Awesome work! I love the portraits in the trees especially.ReplyCancel

  • Jon Yoder - coolest. entry. ever.

    Well captured! these are fantastic.ReplyCancel

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