Tracy and Yipsing chose a glorious, sunny September day for their Billings Estate and Yangtze Wedding.  This wedding day was wall-to-wall hustle and activity, from the 2 Chinese tea ceremonies, to the customary “door games”, a gorgeous ceremony at Billings Estate Museum, and finishing with an incredible reception at the Yangtze Restaurant.

One of my biggest focuses on any wedding day is being able to anticipate, then capture moments, expressions, reactions etc.  I feared before this wedding that this it might be quite a bit more challenging when 95% of the interactions are in a language I don’t understand.   It’s hard to know what is going to happen when you don’t know what anybody is saying!  Thankfully, Tracy & Sing’s wedding day was full of amazing moments, tons of emotion, and it really wasn’t too difficult after all.

Tracy and Sing share an amazing love for each other, as well as for their friends and family…this was evident throughout the day.  I had an absolute blast, and, just like their engagement shoot, they were incredibly comfortable and natural in front of the camera.  I really love a lot of the photos we made together.

Congratulations Tracy & Sing!

yangtze wedding ottawa-0001yangtze wedding ottawa-0002yangtze wedding ottawa-0003yangtze wedding ottawa-0004yangtze wedding ottawa-0005yangtze wedding ottawa-0006yangtze wedding ottawa-0007yangtze wedding ottawa-0008Ottawa Chinese wedding door gamesyangtze wedding ottawa-0010

Chinese tea ceremony wedding ottawayangtze wedding ottawa-0012yangtze wedding ottawa-0013Billings Estate and Yangtze Wedding Bridal Portrait

yangtze wedding ottawa-0001-2yangtze wedding ottawa-0016yangtze wedding ottawa-0017yangtze wedding ottawa-0018yangtze wedding ottawa-0019yangtze wedding ottawa-0020yangtze wedding ottawa-0021yangtze wedding ottawa-0022yangtze wedding ottawa-0023Fun outdoor ceremony recessional at Billings Estate Museumyangtze wedding ottawa-0025Wedding photo bride and groom beside Billings Estateyangtze wedding ottawa-0027Wedding photo at Billings Estateyangtze wedding ottawa-0029yangtze wedding ottawa-0030yangtze wedding ottawa-0031yangtze wedding ottawa-00321st dance at Yangtze restaurant weddingyangtze wedding ottawa-0034yangtze wedding ottawa-0035yangtze wedding ottawa-0036yangtze wedding ottawa-0037yangtze wedding ottawa-0039

yangtze wedding ottawa-0038yangtze wedding ottawa-0040yangtze wedding ottawa-0041yangtze wedding ottawa-0042yangtze wedding ottawa-0043yangtze wedding ottawa-0044yangtze wedding ottawa-0045yangtze wedding ottawa-0046yangtze wedding ottawa-0047yangtze wedding ottawa-0048yangtze wedding ottawa-0049yangtze wedding ottawa-0050yangtze wedding ottawa-0051yangtze wedding ottawa-0052

yangtze wedding ottawa-0014Chinatown Gate Ottawa


  • Tracy and Yipsing - Words cannot express how amazed we are by your talent and your ability to capture the emotions of the day. Even weeks later,seeing the pictures brings smiles to our faces and tears to our eyes. Can’t wait to see the rest:)ReplyCancel

  • David - Looks like a fun time…great party shots. Love the speech reaction shotsReplyCancel

  • Ryan - Christian, these are absolutely stunning! You did an amazing job capturing the moment of the day.ReplyCancel

  • Matt - Brilliant story telling and so much fun. Loved these.ReplyCancel

  • Tyler - such radness. love it.ReplyCancel

  • damian burcher - Great coverage looks like a real fun wedding. Love the portraits with the trees behind them with the lovely bokeh. Those last two frames are fantastic.ReplyCancel

  • Luke Hayden - This is beautiful work!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Really really great coverage here, I love all the crazy faces you’ve captured during the reception!ReplyCancel

  • Heather Kanillopoolos - Absolutely amazing documentary work here!! Gorgeous!!ReplyCancel

  • Jacqueline Elizabeth - I love the shot of the guy in the tree, haha. You’ve done such a good job capturing the emotion, and how much fun they were having.ReplyCancel

  • Anton Chia - The last shot is very nice!ReplyCancel

  • paul rowland - The shot of the guy in the tree is likewise a favorite of mine. Wonderful reception pictures also.ReplyCancel

Guylaine and Shawn first contacted me when they began planning their Ottawa River Cruise wedding last winter.  The day we planned to meet was one of the worst weather days of the year, and it took me about 45 minutes to make the (normally 15min) drive downtown to “Les Trois Brasseurs” pub.  They explained to me that their wedding was going to be aboard one of the Ottawa River cruise boats, and it would be on a fall evening, so there would virtually be no light at all.  Guylaine is a videographer, and is well aware of the challenges that low-light conditions can present, so she was specifically looking for a photographer who isn’t afraid of the dark.  Since there aren’t too many challenges I’m not game for, I said “sign me up!”.

Their wedding day was an unusually chilly fall day, with scattered rain.  The 2014 weather curse didn’t break for this wedding, I think most August/September weekends were rainy this year.  Thankfully, the rain held-off for the important parts, and I we got some cool photos, but most of all, I think everyone had a lot of fun…in case that’s not obvious in the pictures.  If you want an idea about how laid-back these guys are, pay special attention to the photo of Guylaine shaving her legs….while wearing her wedding gown.  That was a first!

Congratulations Guylaine + Sean!









  • Guylaine - Thank you so much Christian. We are so happy with all the pictures 😀ReplyCancel

Rachel and Alex’s Courtyard Restaurant Wedding day was an incredible day of contrasts.  Gorgeous sun, downpouring rain…moments of sweetness and love, crazy dance party…cold New York Fries, incredible gourmet cuisine.

Their wedding truly had a little bit of everything, and everything was fantastic.  Rachel is incredibly creative and talented, and her effort and creativity was spread throughout the wedding, from homemade desserts (yes, she made desserts for her own wedding even though The Courtyard Restaurant had incredible ones already), to origami art, to a fingerprinted guest “book”.  Everything had Rachel + Alex’s personal touches (I’m not actually sure if any of them were Alex’s, but giving him the benefit of the doubt because he’s a great guy), and it was truly personal and special.

Here are some of my favourite photos of the day.  Congratulations, Rachel & Alex, thanks for having me along, it was a blast!

courtyard wedding-0001

courtyard wedding-0004courtyard wedding-0003courtyard wedding-0005courtyard wedding-0006courtyard wedding-0007courtyard wedding-0008courtyard wedding-0009courtyard wedding-0010courtyard wedding-0011courtyard wedding-0012courtyard wedding-0013courtyard wedding-0014courtyard wedding-0015courtyard wedding-0016courtyard wedding-0017courtyard wedding-0018courtyard wedding-0019courtyard wedding-0020courtyard wedding-0021courtyard wedding-0022courtyard wedding-0023courtyard wedding-0024courtyard wedding-0025courtyard wedding-0026courtyard wedding-0027courtyard wedding-0028courtyard wedding-0029courtyard wedding-0030

courtyard wedding-0001-3courtyard wedding-0032courtyard wedding-0033

courtyard wedding-0031courtyard wedding-0001-2courtyard wedding-0034courtyard wedding-0035courtyard wedding-0036courtyard wedding-0037courtyard wedding-0038courtyard wedding-0039courtyard wedding-0040courtyard wedding-0041courtyard wedding-0042courtyard wedding-0043courtyard wedding-0044courtyard wedding-0045courtyard wedding-0046courtyard wedding-0047courtyard wedding-0048courtyard wedding-0049