When Sophie and Chris contacted me about their Le Belvedere Wedding in Wakefield, I was excited because it’s always cool to work with other photographers, and because I’ve wanted to shoot a wedding at Le Belvedere for a long time….it’s GORGEOUS!  Sophie & Chris are a couple of awesome photographers/videographers in Ottawa, you can check out their work here!

It was an interesting day to say the least.  It started off with Chris’ sister accidentally locking her keys in her car…with the bride’s dress inside.  This was compounded by the fact that it’s not easy to get a tow truck to a remote location outside of Wakefield in a few minutes.  Thankfully CAA came through, and everything was OK, it was just a little drama to add to the already exciting day.  Chris and Sophie both got ready in the gorgeous cottage facility adjacent to Le Belvedere, and the ceremony was set to be outside, overlooking the beautiful Gatineau hills.  As everything was getting ready to start, we could see rain storms making their way through the surrounding hills, and a decision was made to move the ceremony inside – a decision that proved to be a smart one, because it rained much of the rest of the day…as has been the case most weekends this August.

Regardless of the rain, they had a gorgeous ceremony inside the facility, and we managed to capitalize on a few breaks in weather to make get some photos outside.  After all, you don’t plan a Le Belvedere wedding to NOT have photos with the hills in the background.  Am I right?

Here are some of my favourites from the day.











After meeting with Kristina + Toon last winter and spending an evening together in the spring for their engagement session, I had a strong feeling that their Sala San Marco Wedding was going to be a blast.  Wow, was that ever an understatement.  From start-to-finish, their wedding day was full of laughs, dancing, drinking, and truly heartfelt joy.

Kristina and Toon are extremely warm, thoughtful people, and it shows through the amazing respect each and every guest and family member have for the newly married couple. This wedding was a little different, in that it was pretty much a “Destination Wedding” in Ottawa.  Kristina is Sudbury Italian, and Toon is Manitoba Dutch.  They met while they were both playing professional volleyball in Europe.  Since then, they’ve both lived all over, and there wasn’t really one place that really made obvious sense for them to get married, so they picked Ottawa….kinda sorta in the middle.  They had a gorgeous ceremony at Blessed Sacrament Parish in the Glebe, followed by an all-out Dutch/Italian PARTAY at Sala San Marco in Ottawa’s Little Italy.  The party ran so hard and so late, that there were probably still over 100 people on the dance floor, dancing away, long after the house lights were turned-on…the DJ played until they were pretty much threatened into shutting it down.

I was really excited that my good friend (and fellow wedding photographer), Ryan Chan was coming down from Toronto to hang with me for this weekend, and he shot this wedding alongside me.  It’s always a blast to work together, and he got some great images for Kristina & Toon.ottawa_italian_wedding-0002ottawa_italian_wedding-0001ottawa_italian_wedding-0014ottawa_italian_wedding-0003ottawa_italian_wedding-0008ottawa_italian_wedding-0013Bride seeing herself for first timeottawa_italian_wedding-0011ottawa_italian_wedding-0010ottawa_italian_wedding-0009ottawa_italian_wedding-0001-2

ottawa_italian_wedding-0001-3ottawa_italian_wedding-0017Bridal portrait - Italian Wedding Ottawa

ottawa_italian_wedding-0019ottawa_italian_wedding-0015ottawa_italian_wedding-0022ottawa_italian_wedding-0021ottawa_italian_wedding-0005ottawa_italian_wedding-0018ottawa_italian_wedding-0006ottawa_italian_wedding-0023Bride and Father at Blessed Sacrament Parish in Ottawaottawa_italian_wedding-0024ottawa_italian_wedding-0025ottawa_italian_wedding-0026ottawa_italian_wedding-0027ottawa_italian_wedding-0034ottawa_italian_wedding-0028ottawa_italian_wedding-0030ottawa_italian_wedding-0029ottawa_italian_wedding-0031ottawa_italian_wedding-0035ottawa_italian_wedding-0044ottawa_italian_wedding-0036ottawa_italian_wedding-0038ottawa_italian_wedding-0043ottawa_italian_wedding-0042ottawa_italian_wedding-0041Wedding at Sala San Marco, Ottawaottawa_italian_wedding-0039Wedding picture Sala San Marcoottawa_italian_wedding-0045ottawa_italian_wedding-0086ottawa_italian_wedding-0046ottawa_italian_wedding-0048ottawa_italian_wedding-0069ottawa_italian_wedding-0068ottawa_italian_wedding-0049ottawa_italian_wedding-0051ottawa_italian_wedding-0052ottawa_italian_wedding-0053ottawa_italian_wedding-0054ottawa_italian_wedding-0055ottawa_italian_wedding-0067ottawa_italian_wedding-0066ottawa_italian_wedding-0065ottawa_italian_wedding-0064ottawa_italian_wedding-0063ottawa_italian_wedding-0062ottawa_italian_wedding-0070ottawa_italian_wedding-0074ottawa_italian_wedding-0073ottawa_italian_wedding-0072ottawa_italian_wedding-0071ottawa_italian_wedding-0076ottawa_italian_wedding-0075ottawa_italian_wedding-0080ottawa_italian_wedding-0079ottawa_italian_wedding-0078ottawa_italian_wedding-0077ottawa_italian_wedding-0083Bride hoisted at Sala San Marco Weddingottawa_italian_wedding-0081ottawa_italian_wedding-0082ottawa_italian_wedding-0060Wedding picture Little Italy Ottawa

Sophie + Chris are are a couple of awesome photographers and videographers, also based in Ottawa.  It’s always fun, though a bit unnerving working with other photographers, I’m always curious if they have any idea what I’m doing as I’m working. We met-up in the ByWard market area on an absolutely perfect summer evening, and I think we walked about 10kms through the course of the engagement session.  We also lucked-into shooting on the night of a ‘Supermoon’, which wasn’t planned, but very cool just the same.  It even worked-out perfectly to be in the ideal spot in the frame on the last photo. I’m really looking forward to their Le Belevedere Wedding in Wakefield, Qc. in August.  It’s a gorgeous spot with some really nice views…I hope we get as gorgeous a day for the wedding as we did for their engagement shoot!