2014 has been a wild winter for weather, and Franca & Dwayne’s Royalton Hall Wedding day was no different.  As an Ottawa-based wedding photographer, I’m used to snow and cold, but I was hoping that Franca & Dwayne’s wedding in Woodbridge, North of Toronto, would be a nice treat.  WRONG!  On my way to Franca’s parents’ house in the morning, there was enough snow to cause multiple pile-ups on the Highways, and the driving stayed pretty scary all day.  The weather made the travel between venues a bit slower, but we still had enough time to get some great photos, and it was a fantastic day overall.    Franca & Dwayne are amazing people, super nice to work with, and their families and friends could not have been more welcoming.  I genuinely felt like I was an honorary Italian for the day.

This was my first “Woodbridge Italian Wedding”, and whoa…something else.  I’ve never seen a 400lb wheel of Grana Padano cheese before.  I was trying to think of how I could get the leftover in my SUV after the wedding.  :)

I was assisted by Sam Obeid, a Wedding photographer in Toronto, as an assistant and 2nd photographer for the entire wedding day.  We had a lot of fun (as always), and I think between us we captured the spirit of this incredible day pretty well.  Enjoy – here are some of my favorites:










  • Sully - Nice job man! Really nice flash work. Looks like a fun wedding. ReplyCancel

  • Paul Rowland - Wonderful photojournalistic coverage of the day – impeccable reception images also!ReplyCancel

  • Ryan - Some of your best work, Christian! I love the reception photos.ReplyCancel

  • Sam - Chris, these are so good! Thank you so much for inviting me to help you. The out door portraits turned out great despite the freezing wind.

    Congrats once again to Franca and Dwayne, you two are awesome.ReplyCancel

Josh first described himself as ‘groomzilla’ when I met with him early last year to chat about his wedding plans with Kate.  Josh was charged with a good amount of the wedding planning (which is generally unusual for grooms), since he is a good planner, and since Kate has been living in Toronto for work – which makes planning a wedding in Ottawa a bit challenging.  Neither Josh or Kate should ever have a title with ‘zilla’ at the end, except maybe ‘Awesomezilla’ or something…they’re both unbelievably nice, fun, warm, terrific people.

Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and anything but ordinary – since it was on a Sunday morning in January.  They chose the beautiful, new Ottawa Conference Centre (OCC) as their venue, next door to the Westin Ottawa, where they both once worked, and where they met.  Kate worked at the front desk, and Josh in the ‘driveway’ – and Josh even wore one of those iconic Westin fur hats in the winter.  An Ottawa Conference Centre Wedding made perfect sense, since they were both so familiar with the spot.

Everything was perfect, and we even managed to get a few photos outside (quickly!).  Depending on the day, outdoor wedding portraits in Ottawa in January could result in lost limbs or pneumonia, if not properly dressed.  I loved working with Kate & Josh, and wish them all of the best for their married life!  A special thanks also goes to Jessica + Dave (Josh’s best man) for referring me.  Congrats to all four of you!

Westin Ottawa


Wedding dress in Westin bathroom

Getting ready before Wedding at Westin Ottawa



starbucks bride cup

briday portrait at westin ottawa

First look photos at Westin Ottawa











Wedding Photo Ottawa Convention Centre

Winter Wedding photo Ottawa Conference Centre


Bridal Party photo on ramp at Ottawa Conference Centre


Silhouette of bride and groom at Ottawa Conference Centre

  • lisa lacroix - What a beautiful wedding!! I love the shot of the groom with his groomsmen :)ReplyCancel

  • Mandy - Teeheee, love the hairspray photo! Also, the background in focus black and white shot is lovely. Great stuff Christian!ReplyCancel

  • Elissa - This is such a lovely wedding. I love the silhouette image at the very end!ReplyCancel

  • Dennis Pike - Love the portraits in the snow, and that last silhouette is killer!ReplyCancel

  • Veronica Varos - Winter weddings! I love all of the snowy shots.ReplyCancel

  • Steve Markow - Gorgeous. That last photo is especially amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Sabrina Kolotylo - Love the black and white photograph where the focus is on the city!! Beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • brie - I swear that I can feel their love just by looking at this set, so beautiful. The way that they only have eyes for one another, it’s breathtaking.ReplyCancel

  • Tim Kelly - Love the shot with the snow falling. on the bride and groom. It looks really cold out there.ReplyCancel

When Mandy and David first approached me about photographing their New Year’s Eve wedding last year, I hesitated for about 10 seconds before saying “absolutely!”.  While the idea of spending NYE with a group of complete strangers was never at the top of my to-do list, the idea of combining the fun of a New Year’s Eve party with the joy of the marriage of two great people is just something too special to not want to be a part of.

This year, December 31st in Ottawa was one of the c-c-c-oldest days of the year, so we didn’t even entertain the idea of photos outside.  At -20C, it would have been outright dangerous.  I suggested that we do some photos indoors at the Canadian Museum of Nature instead, and both Mandy and David immediately loved the idea.  David’s first thought was “Dinosaur wedding photos….yesssss!”.

The wedding ceremony and reception at Juniper were both absolutely perfect and gorgeous, and it was an extremely fun New Year’s Eve.  A year ago I thought I was planning to spend NYE with strangers, and it ended up being spent with new friends.   Congratulations Mandy + David!

juniperwedding (3 of 56)

juniperwedding (5 of 56)juniperwedding (7 of 56)juniperwedding (6 of 56)

juniperwedding (10 of 56)

juniperwedding (2 of 56)

juniperwedding (8 of 56)juniperwedding (9 of 56)

juniperwedding (11 of 56)juniperwedding (12 of 56)juniperwedding (13 of 56)juniperwedding (14 of 56)juniperwedding (15 of 56)juniperwedding (18 of 56)juniperwedding (19 of 56)juniperwedding (20 of 56)juniperwedding (17 of 56)juniperwedding (23 of 56)juniperwedding (25 of 56)

juniperwedding (26 of 56)

juniperwedding (33 of 56)

juniperwedding (35 of 56)

juniperwedding (36 of 56)juniperwedding (28 of 56)juniperwedding (27 of 56)juniperwedding (42 of 56)juniperwedding (41 of 56)juniperwedding (44 of 56)juniperwedding (45 of 56)juniperwedding (48 of 56)juniperwedding (50 of 56)juniperwedding (56 of 56)juniperwedding (55 of 56)juniperwedding (30 of 56)


  • David - Great work! Love you attention to detail in all your lines.ReplyCancel

  • naomi - i love that frame of the elderly couple in the hats, so brilliant.ReplyCancel

  • brett - beautiful work! you handled those light conditions so well. and high five to your last image! so good!ReplyCancel

  • Claire - Congrats!!! The pics are beautiful. Welcome to the family Mandy!ReplyCancel

  • ryan - great work, christian! It looked like one hell of a NYE party!ReplyCancel

  • rich - there’s a soft intimacy about all your photos – makes me feel completely in the moment! nice!ReplyCancel

  • Elissa - This wedding is lovely! I love their portraits in all that big beautiful space… but that dinosaur one is my favorite :)ReplyCancel

  • Steve Koo - Love how you captured the epic dance party! The elderly couple getting down is one of my favorites :)ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Christian, you really did an amazing job with the pictures, and it was really great meeting you. You made Dave & Mandy’s day all that much more memorable, and now they have some fantastic pictures to remember it with. I love how you captured not only the big moments, but the small ones too. And great pic of my grandparents dancing too! 😉
    It definitely was a great new years eve spent with family, old friends, and …. a few new friends!

    Lisa (Dave’s sister)ReplyCancel

  • britney gardner - the portraits after the first look are so nice – perfectly symmetrical!ReplyCancel

  • Paul Rowland - Awesome new year’s wedding. Incredibly envious as I’ve never had the opportunity to shoot one.ReplyCancel