This is it…my final engagement session of the year.  I kind of have mixed feelings about that…it’s been an amazing year, and while I’m looking forward to a bit of a break, it has been a total blast.  I met up with Mandy and David at Dow’s Lake for their engagement photos, and fought the quickly setting sun.  We are at the very tail-end of the fall colours season, and it was great that we were able to schedule this while we still had nice warm weather, and gorgeous colours & light.  We had a great time, and even though Mandy found herself a little bit nervous at the beginning, she confessed that she had a blast, and she loosened-up quickly.  Love to hear that…the wedding will be a breeze!

The ironic thing is that I think my favourite photo is the one with the birds, and I’m almost certain that Mandy will hate it…apparently she has a phobia of “unpredictable flying things”.

Mandy and David’s wedding will also be the final wedding of 2013 for me – it’s on New Year’s Eve!  Here are a handful of my favourites:

dows lake engagement mandy david-0002

dows lake engagement mandy david-0003

dows lake engagement mandy david-0001-2

dows lake engagement mandy david-0001-3

dows lake engagement mandy david-0001-9

dows lake engagement mandy david-0004

dows lake engagement mandy david-0001-6

dows lake engagement mandy david-0001-7

I met with Josh last winter to discuss his and Kate’s wedding plans – a mid-winter wedding at the new Ottawa Conference Centre.  His idea for the wedding photos?  Sunrise photos….in January…in Ottawa.  Good thing I’m nuts…it will definitely be something very different!  I’m strangely looking forward to the challenge – I just need to stock-up on hot paws.

I initially met only with Josh, because Kate was (and still is) working in Toronto.  I think Josh and I sat at the Starbucks chatting for about 2hrs…we just kinda clicked.  When we met again when Kate was in town, it was very much the same…awesome people who are a ton of fun to hang out with.

For their engagement photos, we started at Major’s Hill Park (where Josh proposed), and walked around the ByWard Market and along Wellington Street.  The incredibly warm & sunny fall we’ve been having in Ottawa continues, and we enjoyed a spectacular evening together – especially for mid-October.  Here are some of my favorites:

engagement photo in alley behind big rig

engagement photo cartier st ottawa


panorama at major

engagement shot behind pier21 ottawa


fall leaves engagement art gallery canada


couple behind sculpture on st. patrick st ottawa

engagement panorama by chateau laurier



Although Rachel and Alex’s wedding at Billings Estate Museum and reception at the Courtyard Restaurant in the Byward Market isn’t until next August, they opted to do their engagement photos before winter – ideally while Ottawa was still enjoying the nice Fall colours.  We have been enjoying a gorgeous ‘Indian Summer’ this year, and for mid-October in Ottawa, we had a pretty stellar evening, with some stunning light.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our time together, before we fell victim to the early autumn (albeit beautiful) sunset.


Diptych of engaged couple in front of ivy