I was really fortunate to be able to shoot my 1st wedding of 2013 as a “2nd shooter”, alongside my friend & fellow wedding photographer, Ryan Chan of Toronto.  Working as a secondary photographer at a wedding where you know the primary well, and know they’re easily able to capture just about everything required, is really liberating.  Ryan is a pro – I knew that the clients were well taken care of,  and I could focus solely on trying to make great candids.

I had a blast working with Ryan (as usual), and I decided to share the day from my eyes, solely in black & white images, and candids (since Ryan did a stellar job with the portrats and I worked mainly as the monkey holding his lights).  Enjoy!

Amazing wedding moment: Jimmy’s father surprised the newlyweds and their guests with a solo Opera performance of ‘Por ti Volare’…their reaction, captured in photos, says it all.  It was absolutely phenomenal (though I had to restrain from thinking about Will Farrell’s version in the movie Step Brothers).


2012 was a crazy year!  Crazy in many ways, and most of them really good ways.

Finding the balance of shooting weddings most summer and fall weekends, and still finding time to spend with my amazing little girl was a new challenge for me.  Additionally, it was both neat and strange that many of my couples this year lived in Toronto, yet were getting married in Ottawa.  As an Ottawa Wedding Photographer, it’s nice to have a change of scenery, and I was able to do 3 of the engagement shoots in Toronto while I was in town visiting friends…lots of fun!

I’m very fortunate to have worked with such great clients this year, and I’m super excited about the couples I’ve already met with for weddings coming up in 2013…it’s going to be another really fun & busy year!  Check-out some of my favorite engagement/wedding images from 2012, and a special “bonus” image – probably my very favorite shot of the year.  :)

Happy New Year!

– Christian

Engagement shoot in Ottawa

Wedding party at Cumberland Village Museum in Ottawa


Subway engagement shoot in Toronto

Pre-Wedding at the Spa in Kanata - Ottawa Wedding

Museum of Civilization Wedding - Bride and Groom Portrait

Ottawa Wedding - Chris & Julie in park in Orleans

Badass Groomsmen - Wedding at R.A. Centre in Ottawa

Running up the stairs at Museum of Civilization in Ottawa before wedding reception

Bride and groom in field - Ottawa Wedding at Cumberland Village Museum

Engagement photo behind National Gallery in Ottawa Wedding

After-toast embrace - wedding at Centurion Centre in Ottawa

Engagement shoot at Britannia Beach in Ottawa

Wedding Singer - Ottawa Wedding at Cumberland Village Museum

Getaway car - Ottawa Wedding at Juniper Kitchen

First Dance - Ottawa Wedding

Captured while 2nd shooting with the awesome Derek Rice from Union11

Bridal portrait - Ottawa wedding - R.A. Centre

First look - Ottawa Wedding at Museum of Civilization

Engagement photos in Toronto

Silhouette - Toronto Engagement Session

Marshes Golf Club Wedding Ottawa - Bridal Party Portrait

Gratuitous shot of Kate, the love of my life – grumpy as always.

"Streetcar named desire" - Toronto engagement shoot

I’ve been a long-time follower & fan of momentjunkie.com.  It is a blog that features *REAL* wedding photography, in particular, amazing moments captured at weddings – not photos focused on mason jars filled with jelly beans, or suitcases on train tracks…which seem to be quite the popular thing these days.

This photo, taken at Lucas & Tina’s wedding in the fall, is one of those great moments that I was excited to submit to Moment Junkie.  It was right before the ceremony, where Lucas went to see his Grandmother for a quiet word before his bride-to-be walked down the aisle.   It was featured as their “Photo of the Day” on December 22nd, you can check it out here, or simply see below.  I like to think that I’m the first Ottawa Wedding Photographer to be featured, but I’m too busy to go back through every post to validate that…instead I’ll just convince myself that it’s true…until someone corrects me.  :)

If you’re into really amazing moments, check out the other fantastic work on their blog, or subscribe to their daily photos via their twitter feed.

Featured photo on momentjunkie.com