Next up in de-neglecting my blog:  Alicia + Ryan!

Alicia is not only a client, but also a friend and a fellow wedding industry pro!  She is a fabulous wedding planner here in Ottawa, and I was beyond flattered when she and Ryan hired me to photograph their beautiful wedding at the Brookstreet Hotel.  It was a pretty hot day for late May in Ottawa, and as often happens when the heat & humidity reaches a critical point…STORMS.  Thankfully all of the outdoor stuff was finished when the storm kicked-up, but we did have a pretty hilarious veil moment on the dash inside, and some pretty cool looking ominous skies!

Also…who does a wedding planner hire to do her wedding’s coordination?  Stephanie & Kiley at Opportunity Knocks!

Happy 13 month anniversary, Alicia + Ryan
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Back in February, my good friend Daniel Diaz asked me if I would join him on an adventure to the East coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, for a Wedding at Hacienda Uayamon.  This Hacienda is one of the most stunning places I’ve seen.  It is a 16th Century Spanish Hacienda, which was abandoned about 100 years ago, and left in a state of elegant decay that can only be compared to a place like Venice, Italy.  It has recently been taken over and converted into a “Luxury Collection” property with Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity, and the rest is history. I had a great time with Sandi + Alex, along with their incredible families and friends from Mexico and France. I originally thought that my broken Canadian French might be a bit helpful with half of the wedding party coming from France, but it turns out that Marseilles French is even more difficult for me to understand than Quebec French.  I think they at least appreciated the effort.

Here are some of the highlights from both myself and Daniel…it was a really fun few days!Engagement photo - Campeche, MexicoEngagement in the old city of CampecheWedding dress at UayamonWedding ceremony in the chapel at Hacienda UayamonReception setting at Hacienda UayamonFirst dance under the tree at Hacienda Uayamonhacienda_uayamon-106

mexico-destination-wedding-photographer-hacienda-uayamon-campeche-040Fireworks at Hacienda Uayamon WeddingBride and Groom Portrait - Hacienda Uayamon

On the first weekend of April, Sophia + Florian got their families and close friends together, (including Florian’s gang from his native Germany), for an intimate Civil wedding ceremony at Ottawa City Hall, followed by a private dinner at the fabulous Fraser Cafe in New Edinburgh.