I first met Sarah + Dan a couple of years ago, after they were guests at Kristina + Toon’s wedding.  They were planning a large wedding that would be held in May 2015 at the Notre Dame Basilica in Ottawa, with the reception at the fabulous Chateau Laurier.  As planning progressed, they realized that a big “to-do” really wasn’t what they really wanted, so they decided to stop, regroup, and really figure out what they wanted for their wedding day.

In the end, they went the complete opposite direction, and decided to have their wedding at the Wakefield Mill, with an intimate outdoor ceremony along the river beside the gorgeous Inn, followed by a beautiful dinner at the hotel.  The entire day couldn’t have been more perfect – from the weather, to the beautiful venue, and the great, close-knit group of family and close friends.  I’m so happy that, despite the changes to their wedding plans, they kept me as their photographer – it was a true pleasure to capture their day….I love these guys.  Congratulations, Sarah + Daniel!

Here are some of my favourites from their day:






Next up in de-neglecting my blog:  Alicia + Ryan!

Alicia is not only a client, but also a friend and a fellow wedding industry pro!  She is a fabulous wedding planner here in Ottawa, and I was beyond flattered when she and Ryan hired me to photograph their beautiful wedding at the Brookstreet Hotel.  It was a pretty hot day for late May in Ottawa, and as often happens when the heat & humidity reaches a critical point…STORMS.  Thankfully all of the outdoor stuff was finished when the storm kicked-up, but we did have a pretty hilarious veil moment on the dash inside, and some pretty cool looking ominous skies!

Also…who does a wedding planner hire to do her wedding’s coordination?  Stephanie & Kiley at Opportunity Knocks!

Happy 13 month anniversary, Alicia + Ryan
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Back in February, my good friend Daniel Diaz asked me if I would join him on an adventure to the East coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, for a Wedding at Hacienda Uayamon.  This Hacienda is one of the most stunning places I’ve seen.  It is a 16th Century Spanish Hacienda, which was abandoned about 100 years ago, and left in a state of elegant decay that can only be compared to a place like Venice, Italy.  It has recently been taken over and converted into a “Luxury Collection” property with Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity, and the rest is history. I had a great time with Sandi + Alex, along with their incredible families and friends from Mexico and France. I originally thought that my broken Canadian French might be a bit helpful with half of the wedding party coming from France, but it turns out that Marseilles French is even more difficult for me to understand than Quebec French.  I think they at least appreciated the effort.

Here are some of the highlights from both myself and Daniel…it was a really fun few days!Engagement photo - Campeche, MexicoEngagement in the old city of CampecheWedding dress at UayamonWedding ceremony in the chapel at Hacienda UayamonReception setting at Hacienda UayamonFirst dance under the tree at Hacienda Uayamonhacienda_uayamon-106

mexico-destination-wedding-photographer-hacienda-uayamon-campeche-040Fireworks at Hacienda Uayamon WeddingBride and Groom Portrait - Hacienda Uayamon