Late this summer, I will be travelling to just East of Toronto to shoot Megan + Cameron’s wedding.  If their engagement shoot is any indication, it should be one to remember.  I don’t think there is a single shy bone in Megan’s body, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much during an engagement shoot.  It may or may not have had to do with the fact that they spent the afternoon on a sunny, warm patio in the ByWard Market before the shoot.

Megan and Cameron were up for an adventure, so they came up to Ottawa for their engagement shoot, and made a weekend of it.  After meeting at the studio, we took a short drive down to the University of Ottawa campus, where we took this photos as we walked around.






Audrey and Marcelo officially “tied the knot” last week at Ottawa City Hall on a seriously rainy Friday afternoon.  They have two gorgeous daughters together, and decided to get married before moving to Tacoma, Washington this fall.  They will be doing a larger wedding/reception next month at the Royal Canadian Air Force Officer’s Mess in Ottawa, and I can’t wait.

After the civil ceremony, Audrey, Marcelo and I took some photos around the old Ottawa City Hall building and New Edinburgh.  It poured.  Non-stop.  I can’t believe that these two were up for doing so many photos in the pouring rain.  I’m grateful for how weather-sealed Nikon’s professional cameras are, because I was absolutely soaked from head-to toe.  That said, I think we got some pretty great photos, and unless you look at the water droplets in the photos, you’d never know that it was such miserable weather.  I think we all still had a blast…either that, or they fake it really well.

Here’s hoping for sunnier weather on their big wedding day in July!

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I always tell my clients that I don’t like to take the same photo twice, which is why I’m always happy when they pick locations for either wedding or engagement photos.  It forces me to be creative and to always try to do new things.  As a creative person, the last thing I want to do is produce the same photos over and over, with different people in them.

Lisa + Brandon live downtown, so they asked to meet at the studio on York Street and we would go from there.  While we could have set-off somewhere else in the car, I thought it might be fun to stick around the market. I think I’ve done more ByWard Market Engagement shoots than I can count, so it’s a really interesting challenge to keep shooting around the same streets, yet find entirely new ways to make photos. The entire day was drizzly and rainy, but we ended up having a gorgeous, sunny evening.

Here are some of my favourites from this super fun evening: