It’s always such a cool thing to see clients more than a year after the initial meeting, to do engagement photos.  Katie + Chris have known each other since kindergarten, and have been dating since High School.  You can see that great chemistry they have, and we had an absolute blast doing their engagement photos at Westboro Beach in Ottawa’s West End.

Westboro Beach is in Katie + Chris’ “hood”, and they often take walks down there to hang out on nice days, like the one we had for their session.  We had a lot of fun catching-up and taking some photos, and afterwards they introduced me to the Reuben Eggroll at Churchill’s Pub on Wellington St.  Whoa…I’m glad I don’t live within walking distance to that place.  So good!

Here are some of my favourite photos from their Westboro Beach Engagement session – I’m really looking forward to their wedding in July at The Marshes in Kanata!





From the first chat over FaceTime to discuss their Naples destination wedding, I knew that Lauren & Drew were going to be a ton of fun to work with.  They are both civil engineers who have travelled and worked all over the world (including Siberia!), and have now settled-down in Houston.  Since they have family and friends all over the country, they decided that Naples, FL was as great a spot as any to host their wedding, since so many would have to fly somewhere, regardless of the location.

They were married at The Club at the Strand, a stunning venue in the North end of Naples….which is very much not at all like Siberia.  Very noticeably, is the difference in climate…hot is an understatement.  Bringing a change of shirts on the wedding day was probably one of the smartest thing I could have done.

The entire day was full of amazing food, great times, and a lot of genuine, heartfelt emotion…which is what I, as a photographer, live for.  The photos say it all, but Lauren’s first look with her dad had me a little choked-up…it was hard to stay present and capture it.

The day went flawlessly, credit in large part going to the club’s in-house wedding coordinator, Rebecca, who was a complete joy to work with.  It was a fantastic party, with a great group of friends and family…these folks know how to have a good time, and made me feel very welcome.

Congratulations, Lauren + Drew!   Thanks for taking a chance by bringing-in a Canadian to photograph your awesome day.
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I’ve always been a strong proponent of engagement photos.  They’re such a great opportunity to get to know one another, and it helps me get an understanding of the kinds of photos my clients like…before their wedding day.  With a destination wedding like this, it’s sometimes a little harder.  Usually I try to schedule engagement photos 6-12 weeks before the wedding, but when we’re all at opposite sides of the continent, that’s not easy.  Despite only being 2 days before the wedding, I still thought it would be cool to do some engagement photos in Naples, since it would give us a chance to get to get familiar, and it would help Lauren + Drew get more comfy in front of the camera.

We headed to the pier, where it seems the entire city comes to watch the sun set every night.  Although we didn’t have a lot of time, I think we got some pretty spectacular shots as the sun was setting on the gorgeous Naples beach.



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