Rock n’ Roll Wedding in Aylmer : Jan + Mike

I first met with Jan and Mike around Christmas time last year at Bistro l’Autre Oeil in Aylmer, the cool little french pub that would be the venue for their “Runners & Rock” themed wedding.  Mike is a musician, and Jan is a triathlete.  But not just any triathlete…she is the head of Won with One, a fantastic charity that helps improve the blind or physically impaired realize their athletic potential by providing equipment, coaching and guiding for triathlons.  I later found out that Jan and I had probably previously sort-of crossed paths, as she was nominated one of CTV’s “Amazing People”, and I photographed their awards gala that year.

True to the theme, it was a bona-fide Rock n Roll wedding, and there were a lot of runners (and fantastic guide dogs).  Jan and Mike had one of the most touching and personal exchanges of vows I’ve witnessed, and the whole day was massively special.  They had friends, family, and team members from all over the country to celebrate with them, and you could tell that there was a huge amount of love for these two incredible people.

Although weather threatened most of the wedding week, there really couldn’t have been better conditions for this wedding, especially since it was outside.  They also had Andy Brown as the night’s entertainment, and Andy is not only an INCREDIBLE artist, but he is a big part of how Jan and Mike met in the first place.  A little while ago, Jan (a big Andy Brown fan), had hired Andy to come and play a fundraising event, and Mike (also a big fan),  happened to be there to bring a piece of equipment.  The rest, as they say….is history.  Andy played incredible music all evening, as guests danced-away, and enjoyed the catering provided by the POUTINE TRUCK!!!!

I feel fortunate to have been a part of such a great day for two great people who I am proud to consider friends.  Congratulations, Jan + Mike…you inspire me as individuals and as a couple.


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