Website Shoot: Taylor’s Genuine Food & Wine Bar

Outside view of TaylorThis past week I went to Taylor’s Food & Wine Bar in old Ottawa South to do some food & environmental photos for their new (coming soon) website, as well as some chef portraits for the bio area.  This was a pretty tough assignment.  Between having very limited space to work (read: none), as well as some guests who weren’t really comfortable with my presence (more on that later), it wasn’t easy to execute what I wanted and balance other needs.  On top of that, the restaurant’s owner, John Taylor (who also owns Ottawa’s Domus Restaurant), is one of the most highly respected restauranteurs in the Ottawa area (on top of being a super nice guy), so I really didn’t want to dissapoint.

The food shots turned out really well – though it’s such gorgeous food, it wasn’t really that hard.  I’m also really pleased with the chef’s portraits.  Although they were really not digging the idea of being in front of the camera, I think the guys totally rocked it.  As for the environmental shots inside – I have decided that I’m going to make a trip back.  As I mentioned above, there was a couple in the restaurant who weren’t comfortable with photos of the interior while they were there, so it kind of threw a wrench into the plan.  But, these things happen, and I’m glad we asked instead of finding out the awkward way.  I did manage to get some interior shots after they left, but at that point the place was winding down and there wasn’t the same ‘vibe’ that I’m sure Taylor’s is looking to showcase on their new site.  And hey – they let me eat the incredible food I was shooting afterwards…that makes the decision to offer a trip back that much easier.  (note to future clients…wink!)

Chef portrait at John Taylor

Chef Portrait at John Taylor

Charcuterie board, Taylor

Duck Salad @ Taylor

Seared scallops - Taylor

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