raves-01Alicia Partner, Wedding Planner (on her own wedding):

“We are SO happy with the photos! They turned out absolutely amazing! The candid shots really show what we are like as people and as a couple, and so happy that you got those! You made us feel so relaxed all day and there was no pressure to be have super posed photos and we loved that about you! Thank you so much for everything you did for us and we couldn’t be happier!”

Lynn Lee (Wedding Planner):

“Christian, I dreamt what it would be like to work with you for some time. The reality exceeded my dreams by a mile. Your imagery is stunning and your rapport with industry members and your clients is enviable. Thank you for capturing Isabelle & Ali’s day so beautifully!”

Jan & Mike:

“Christian! You are amazing!! Thank you for working with us – it’s a huge honour. The photos are beyond anything we had hoped for!”

Rachel & Alex:

“Thanks so much for this. They are all absolutely wonderful!! I’d pick a few favourites, but there are just too many! Alex and I love every one!! Thanks so much, Christian.  Everyone was really impressed with your photos. My friends especially liked that you stayed late to take photos on the dance floor!”

Cassandra & Eric: 

“It really was an awesome day, and you did an amazing job capturing it for us. I may be a bit biased, but some of your best work I think. Thank you so much Christian for everything. The photos are all amazing. You did such an amazing job at capturing not only our day and our guests, but the feel and excitement as well. I can’t help but smile at every one I look at :)”

Tracy & Yipsing:

“Words cannot express how amazed we are by your talent and your ability to capture the emotions of the day. Even weeks later, seeing the pictures brings smiles to our faces and tears to our eyes.”

Kristina & Toon:

“WE LOVE THEM!!  Amazing!!!! You did do an UNREAL job. Everyone comments and says how much they LOVE how unique our pictures are and they ALWAYS say how impressed they are that you stayed there all night… we laugh and tell everyone we literally walked onto the bus with you at 2am haha You captured our entire day .. every emotion… all the happiness and craziness… THANK YOU


“I have admired your work for so long, and was so excited to finally meet you at my sister’s wedding!  Meeting you in person was absolutely amazing. I was so moved by your passion, creativity, and extremely professional you were. I love how you worked so quickly to take those challenging photos at the lake, during the very short break in rain.  I was so impressed by the unexpected, different angles you captured. You were  friendly and fun to chat with, really likeable and modest!  It was a great honor to meet you! I will recommend you to everyone! Thank you for everything you do! Best wishes to you and your family and lovely Kate!”